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    Making Great Communities.
    Apni Society app brings residents of a society to one platform,
    provides opportunity to interact with each other.

Salient Features

Notice Board

Management Committee members (society president / secretory) can post meeting notices and circulate meeting agenda. Follow up meeting notes can be posted to keep everyone in same page.

Maintenance requests and tracks?

Members can raise issues and create maintenance requests from Apni Society App. The requests appear in the inbox of maintenance supervisor. Supervisor can update what action has been taken. Keep a track of what’s happening in the society.

Know Your Neighbors

Apni Society app brings residents of a society to one platform, brings them closer, provides opportunity to interact with each other.With today’s fast pace life style, everyone has time crunch. Many time we hardly know who is our next door neighbor. But for emergencies, your neighbor is the first person who can help you.

Blood groups and donors in the society?

Apni Society app helps you maintaining info about members blood group. With the app you can find which member may help you in case of need arises.

Gate Pass

Create gate pass so that security guards are notified that you have authorized someone to take items out from the gates.

Celebrate together

Be it a festival, or want to wish happy birthdays, celebrate anniversaries together use Apni Society and make strong bonding . Host parties and invite your neighbors through the Apni Society App.With this app, you can arrange, invite and celebrate events / birthdays / anniversaries / other social activities together.

Discussion Board

Apni society provides a platform where you can discuss points of common interests with other society members. You can start a new topic for discussion, close a topic, reply to a post etc. Apni Society app helps you to keep log of discussions.

Who parked in my parking spot?

Sometime you find a car parked in your parking spot and struggle to contact the car owner. Find the name and contact number of the car owner with help the of Apni Society App.

Who can help me in a new city?

Many times we need help in a new city. Extend your network with your neighbors. Find a society member who may help you in a new city through this app. Contact him and explain what help you need.

Helpline numbers in one click

Security guard numbers, maintenance office number, Management committee member numbers etc can be maintained in the app. With Apni Society app, you can directly call these numbers.



About Apni Society App

Apni Society App strives to be the Product in these Hands of Social Leaders, that Raise the Standard of not only the Housing Society, but India as a whole.

Apni Society App is a leading Brand of India that solves a problem very close to each of us - our urban neighbourhoods with modern Apartment Living. With every new Apartment Township coming up, the entire neighbourhood around it is built around the township. Local shops slowly mushroom, service providers start newspaper inserts and neighbourhood freelancers make their offerings known.. Residents discover all these right on their Apni Society.
In all progressive neighbourhoods, Apartment Owners Associations, or Housing Societies, or Resident Welfare Associations act as a strong anchor. Unlike most other countries, Apartment Owners Associations in India are well-organised, regulated by state laws, with greater financial responsibility and administrative involvement in the neighbourhood welfare.

Why Apni Society is best

Are you the Resident of an Apartment / Society?

Then Join Apni Society and stay connected.

  • Easy to Use App
  • Ensure your Apartment Upkeep and Safety.
  • Stay connected with your Society / Association members.
  • Be in the know of your Neighbourhood News, Events and Services.
  • Provide your opinion on community related matters with Online polls.
  • Preserve community events, get-together photos through Albums.

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